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Science, Technology, Philosophy - more generally Science based Knowledge needs to be readily accessible to all . It is our vision that authentic, science based knowledge & thoughts have great powers to create level playing field for all, for the benefit of people all over the world. Internet is one fantastic products invented with all its glory and power to create a level playing field.

However, asymmetry creeps in organically due to several factors. For instance, the language that is spoken by most people most in the real world is as follows:

top 10 most spoken languages in the world graph

However, the most common language on the Internet is as follows:

Clearly there is an asymmetry.

While there is a whole lot of reasons leading up to this current state of affairs, it is important to recognize that Internet landscape needs to closely mimic real work people demographics for an equitable, level playing field.

NewsTok , with its multi-lingual, news shorts aims to take a small step in this direction.

Founder Note:

I have been noodling on this concept for quite sometime and I thought perhaps this is the right time to get this done. The concept is not entirely out of the box, but I believe that this can potentially make all the worlds knowledge and content easily accessible to all people - across different countries & languages. In the longer run this, I hope this makes a positive impact in making everyone well informed with trusted, authentic, and fact based news

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